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15 December 2022 - 16 December 2022
Horizon Europe Digital - Face2Face Brokerage*

Cascading Grant Arena

Benefit from financial & support measures across digital ecosystems

When:    by appointment: 15-16 December 2022
Where:   Face2Face area

Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) – also known as Cascading Grants – can be found in topics from platforms and pilots, digital innovation hubs, to flagship initiatives. And it doesn't stop there. Complex terms, a multitude of initiatives, yet so many opportunities!

But what do these mean in practice? In simplified terms, they describe an opportunity offered in many Horizon 2020 topics for consortia that want to reach out and involve new actors in their research and innovation process: the consortia launch open calls for third parties; who may receive funding and other forms of support, and engage with dynamic European digital ecosystems. This process contributes to knowledge transfer and exploitation, take-up of technologies, and building and scaling ecosystems in these areas. The process engages competence centres and SMEs, builds academy-industry collaborations, and brings user requirements to the core.

Cascading grants are increasingly used to achieve these objectives throughout ICT in H2020, and beyond. Ideal-ist invites you to exchange good practices on FTSP activities and how to maximise the benefits such measures offer.

Meet the cascading grant projects - Learn how you can benefit from these services!

During the Face2Face brokerage event Ideal-ist will bring together:

  • Representatives of initiatives & projects offering cascading grants in upcoming calls, technological competences and other advisory services
  • Actors looking for help to navigate this complex landscape of funding & support opportunities

Registration:  Register for Face2Face meetings on the b2match system. Book a meeting with a Cascading Grant Project representative. A list of projects will be published here when the booking phase starts.

Would you like to register your project? Contact the organiser

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